Yungbc Brings Music Community Together For "Yungbc & Friends"

Rising hip-hop talent Yungbc recently showed he's an artist to watch with his collaborative showcase "Yungbc & Friends" in Tempe, Arizona. Currently a senior at Arizona State University, the alternative hip-hop artist from Palm Springs, California, has been honing his musical craft for the past three years. His latest album ‘NINE2FIVE’, released in March 2023, is titled after the concept of treating his art as a full-time job. Showcasing a more genre-bending eccentric rap style, Yungbc declares this to be his best project yet with polished production and layered songwriting. NINE2FIVE demonstrates Yungbc's artistic growth and commitment to his music career ambitions.


Yungbc’s love for music started early, growing up with his mother singing and playing piano in the home. He credits her for significantly developing his passion for the art at a young age. When asked about the driving force behind his music career, he is quick to mention the thrill of live performance. "I love being on stage and being able to control a crowd," he says. The concert environment allows him to feel connected with listeners and derive joy from seeing his songs resonate in real time.

Last month, he organized his collaborative showcase "Yungbc & Friends” inviting fellow musicians from different backgrounds to share their artistry. The show provided a platform for Yungbc to exhibit his skills as a solo performer and curator and bring together the diverse music community growing around him.


Yungbc was inspired to organize "YungBC & Friends" after a successful past show at The Nile Underground two years prior. He wanted to build on that momentum and curate a lineup of his talented friends and collaborators. He hand-picked a diverse lineup of student musicians from Arizona State University, representing genres like neo-soul, hip-hop, country, and singer-songwriter. Over 75% of the performers were ASU students, allowing YungBC to highlight the school's artistic community.

The show generated a vibrant, high-energy atmosphere, with over 200 tickets sold. Yungbc called it his best show yet, with the crowd's energy palpable from start to finish. He had to take moments on stage to step back and take in the memorable night.

One special moment from the night was bringing his best friend, Evan, on stage for a surprise birthday serenade by the crowd. Yungbc didn't even know if he would make it, making the impromptu celebration even more meaningful.


Yungbc gained valuable new opportunities and connections from the successful showcase. Moving forward, he plans to recreate this collaborative format with more shows in the future, something he never imagined would be an ongoing series. Yungbc also has more new music on the horizon with an upcoming EP called "I Don't Forgive, I Forget" set to drop November 13th. Given the momentum he's gained over the past year, this project will continue showcasing his artistic growth.

Overall, the vibrant energy and smooth execution of "Yungbc & Friends" prove Yungbc is built for success. With his genre-fluid style, passion for performance, and knack for bringing artists together, he's cemented his reputation as a multi-talented hip-hop artist. As both a soloist and collaborator, Yungbc is set to make major waves in the years to come.


"Yungbc & Friends" Showcase Lineup:

1. Yungbc
2. The Ruminations
3. Greg Max
4. Elle Sloan
5. Young Scorcher
6. Metallic Malik
7. Sophia Humbert

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