TWO32: On Que

"On Que" is a documentary that explores the life and journey of Queens-based music artist Two32. Through his heartfelt storytelling, Two32 shares his challenging upbringing, from experiencing homelessness to moving across different states. His resilience and determination shine through as he recounts how music became his refuge, drawing inspiration from his musical family and finding solace in various melodies.

What struck me the most about Two32's story is his passion for music. From his early days in elementary school, where he fearlessly performed a rap song about Thanksgiving food, to his time in his high school marching band where he honed in on his rap skills, it is evident that music runs deep in his veins. His decision to take music seriously after high school graduation and return to NYC to pursue his dreams demonstrates his commitment to his craft.

The transition from releasing music under the name “Siah” to adopting the name "Two32" is a fascinating moment in the documentary. It symbolizes a pivotal point in Two32's life when he woke up from a vivid dream about his future at 2:32 am, which is also the time he was born, and became the catalyst for his artistic reinvention. This glimpse into his personal revelation serves as a powerful reminder that our dreams and aspirations can come true when we embrace change and remain open to new possibilities.

One of the most moving parts of the documentary is when Two32 reflects on his tour experience with Brooklyn based music trio Herrick & Hooley and the passing of his uncle. It was during this challenging time that he discovered the true depth of his connection to music. His determination to honor his uncle's memory by staying true to his word and pursuing his passion despite the obstacles is truly inspiring. The intimate performances in people's houses, where genuine connections were formed, highlight the importance of staying grounded and maintaining an authentic bond with his audience.

Ultimately, Two32's story resonates on a personal level. It serves as a reminder that no matter our background or the challenges we face, it is possible to chase our dreams and find our purpose. Two32's dedication to his craft and his desire to inspire others to pursue their passions are powerful messages that encourage us to tap into our own potential. His story reminds us that talent should never be wasted but shared with the world, and that the pursuit of greatness knows no bounds.

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  • One of my favorite artists!! It’s so dope to see a bit more of the making of the Man. Gotta check the doc out


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