The Problem With "Finance Gurus"

If you're not rich, you know the struggles of not having money. Whether you're working hard in the real world to make a living, battling student debts in college, or simply trying to save up for a PS5, money plays a crucial role in our lives. Making money, especially a lot of it, can be incredibly challenging and time-consuming. However, what if I told you there are a bunch of “super-rich” guys out there who claim to have the best financial advice to help the general public, all out of the goodness of their hearts? Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn't it?

Welcome to the world of finance gurus! The vast majority of these so-called experts, whether they're YouTubers, influencers, authors, motivational speakers, businessmen, or whatever tf Andrew Tate is, are notorious for selling people on dreams that they have the potential to be earning seven figures a week. But let's be honest, logistically speaking, that just doesn't make any sense.

The advice they give is often vague and unhelpful, often repeating phrases such as "just grind, bro" or "just make passive income." While these statements might hold some truth, financial gurus love to make things sound a lot easier than they actually are. For example, in the world of Forex and Bitcoin trading, some of these gurus treat investing like a video game, promising massive returns with minimal effort. However, they conveniently forget to mention the high risk involved, and if you lose, you could end up in significant debt.

Furthermore, many of these gurus conveniently assume that you already have some disposable income to invest in their schemes. If you're down bad enough to search up “how to make money”, what makes these gurus think you have extra cash lying around to buy multiple houses you can rent out?

As if their vague advice wasn't enough, each of these gurus offer a selection of expensive courses for you to buy. If they are so incredibly wealthy, why are they charging such high prices for their "secrets to success." I mean, come on, isn't that a bit contradictory? Can you explain why Andrew Tate's financial freedom platform "Hustlers University," costs $50 per month? Is it worth the investment? Some YouTubers have claimed it's a pyramid scheme, but others, the self proclaimed “Top Gs”, swear on their lives it made them rich. It’s worth noting that these individuals are the ones calling regular people who work regular jobs as "sheeps of the matrix”.

Some of these self-proclaimed financial experts are questionable characters, to say the least. Take, for instance, the infamous case of Logan Paul's "Cryptozoo" venture, which he claimed that he had been working on for six months. Paul’s NFT-based game was exposed for not being able to properly function despite the fact that millions of dollars of funding had been raised from investors, leaving thousands of Logan Paul stans being robbed of thousands of dollars. It's no surprise that such ventures stir up controversies, and it's even more amusing that he's not the first one in his family to scam their fans. 

Sure, it's easy to trust advice from someone who appears to be eloquent and successful, but before taking financial advice from internet personalities, it's essential to remember who they really are. These gurus might not have your best interests at heart and could be more interested in their bottom line than in genuinely helping you.

If you ever come across a financial guru claiming to have all the answers to your money problems, take it with a grain of salt. After all, in a world where financial success is anything but easy, it's crucial to separate genuine advice from the material as useless as being taught how to sell water to a fish. In the end, your financial well-being deserves advice that is grounded in reality, rather than promises of quick riches and easy paths to success. So the next time  you decide to take financial advice from “experts” on the internet, just remember most of them are the same people who once promoted buying NFTs...


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