Why does Tapped Ai want to sign Grimes? - the first ever Ai record label

In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, TappedAI is setting its sights on a partnership that could redefine the way artists and technology collaborate. Enter Grimes, a visionary artist whose affinity for cutting-edge technology and unyielding dedication to innovation align seamlessly with TappedAI's mission.

TappedAi operates as a record label that doesn't take equity from artists music. Well how do they make money you ask? They charge a subscription model at a basic package starting at $50. 

They also make it very clear that they do not do any songwriting, beatmaking, or vocal replacement with their Ai. They are responsible for the music business aspect and making sure artists are presentable and organized.

Grimes, known for her boundary-pushing sound and artistic ventures, has not only garnered attention for her musical talents but also for her investments in multiple music tech platforms. Her engagement in pioneering technologies demonstrates a forward-thinking mindset that perfectly resonates with TappedAI's ethos.

At the core of TappedAI's approach is the integration of AI to empower artists, fostering creativity, and optimizing their business endeavors. Grimes' keen interest in AI, coupled with her exploration of unconventional avenues, makes her a prime candidate for a collaboration that could redefine artist-label dynamics.

What further sets Grimes apart is her recent departure from a traditional record label deal, embracing an independent path that echoes TappedAI's emphasis on artist autonomy and flexibility. This juncture offers an opportunity for TappedAI to offer a symbiotic partnership that thrives on innovation, technology, and mutual growth.

In an era where artists are increasingly seeking avenues to harness their creative potential without compromising their artistic integrity, TappedAI and Grimes appear to be in lockstep. Both are driving forces of change, challenging conventions, and carving out new possibilities for artists in a tech-driven world.

As TappedAI envisions a future where artists have access to sophisticated tools and services that amplify their success, Grimes emerges as the perfect embodiment of this vision. Her embrace of technology, independence, and artistic ingenuity converges seamlessly with TappedAI's aspiration to revolutionize the artist-label paradigm.

In a landscape where collaborations often hinge on shared values and a joint vision, the potential partnership between TappedAI and Grimes signifies a significant leap towards empowering artists to navigate the modern music industry on their terms. It's an alliance that speaks volumes about the intersection of technology, creativity, and the audacious pursuit of change."


To apply to get signed to their label check it out here: www.tapped.ai

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