Why every major label is afraid of TappedAI - the first ever AI record label


The music landscape is rapidly changing thanks to innovative technologies like AI. Now, Tapped App, the trailblazing platform known for disrupting the entertainment industry, is once again pushing boundaries with TappedAI - the world’s first AI-powered record label. With a bold new approach focused on empowering artists, TappedAI aims to transform the traditional record label model.

TappedAI was founded to help level the playing field for independent musicians and artists with limited financial resources. Too often, major labels overpower emerging talent who lack the funds to support a team behind their music career. TappedAI provides the resources, tools and infrastructure these artists need to succeed independently, without a huge upfront investment.

At TappedAI, artists drive the creative process. Unlike traditional labels, TappedAI’s AI enhances artists’ visions instead of imposing its own. The platform’s cutting-edge capabilities equip artists to make data-driven decisions about branding, marketing, and strategy - something that was previously only accessible to big name acts.

TappedAI analyzes massive amounts of industry data, translating numbers into strategic insights. Now artists can rely on more than just intuition. With TappedAI, they can tap into the power of data to sharpen audience targeting, optimize content creation, and boost success - all without breaking the bank.

Imagine having a full team of pros supporting your music career. With TappedAI, artists gain a virtual team covering seven key roles: manager, A&R, marketer, graphic designer, brand consultant, stylist, and lawyer. It’s a comprehensive system replacing the need for an expensive personal team.

TappedAI rejects the standard label model of prioritizing profits over artists. Instead, it operates on a transparent, artist-friendly subscription model so musicians retain control and receive fair compensation. This opens the door for independent artists with big dreams but limited budgets. 

"TappedAI represents a new dawn for independent musicians," says Tapped co-founder John Naylor. "We're empowering artists to shape their own destiny, regardless of resources."

"At TappedAI, we're leveraging technology to create a more equitable music industry," adds co-founder Ilias Anwar. "AI will help indie artists compete at the highest levels."

TappedAI’s revolutionary model points to a new era of possibility for independent musicians. By leveraging AI to empower artists, Tapped App continues to drive positive disruption in the music business. TappedAI is boldly leading the way into an industry where technology levels the playing field and puts artists in the driver's seat - regardless of their resources.
Keep in mind, they are not signing everyone and you still have to apply to be apart of the first ever artificial intelligence record label.


If you would like to see if you are eligible to get signed check it out here: https://tapped.ai/


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