How SGO Kai took over Miami Night life as a former Fortnite pro

      Kai came up in his early years in the skating scene, where he truly found his love for creating content online. But he soon became more involved in the eSports and gaming community, where he initially started SGO. He quickly rose to fame when his gaming organization picked up some of the best trickshotters in the Fortnite community. But after a succesful few years-he departed from the gaming scene to focus on more unique content and became more involved with the Miami Community. Kai now does exotic rentals (cars and yachts), mansion rentals, and even music videos! However he does not stop there, with all of the connections he has made in Miami, he soon rose to be a promoter for essentially every club in Miami with his fast growing platform. Despite his crazy lifestyle, Kai still focuses on his health, having been Vegan since birth.

     Recently, Kai has since divulged in management of OnlyFans models, having helped scale them and grow their platforms. He uses his experience in the digital media world to his advantage, where he now also has a position as the head of A&R for BestKeptSecret Artistry, a multiplatinum label. Kai can help with social media growth, verification, and account recovery!

    But what is SGO?
Kai answered with this; SGO is a lifestyle / clothing brand based out of Miami, Florida compiling a team of content creators, streamers, athletes, skateboarders and models. We create content online, host events and rent out exotic cars, yachts, airbnbs, as well as hosting music videos and manage OnlyFans girls.


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