RVA Sustainable Fashion Week: A Step Towards Conscious Fashion and Community Empowerment

We recently had the incredible opportunity to experience RVA Sustainable Fashion Week firsthand. The event, which took place from April 27-30, brought together fashion enthusiasts, designers, and community members to encourage conscious fashion decisions under the theme "Trash the Runway."

The director Caelan Nzamba stated RVA Sustainable Fashion Week aimed to inspire people to act on their ideas and ambitions. The weekend was packed with a variety of activities and events, including an invasive species river cleanup, a gala with guest speakers discussing local and global issues, a screen printing event in Monroe Park, a fashion show, a clothing swap presented by SwapMeet RVA, and a drive to collect items for lower-income populations.

Throughout the weekend, RVA Sustainable Fashion Week was fortunate to have media coverage provided by our very own TCC Entertainment. Our team was there to document on our social media all the events that unfolded over the course of the weekend. In collaboration with a new booking platform called Tapped Network, that also helped book three performances that took place before the show. The artists included Mzayy from Blank Kanvaz, a sub-label affiliated with Death Row Records, and two independent Richmond-based artists making waves in the scene, Lord Seelife and Arlx.

Among the sustainable brands that participated in the event was Calm Jungle World, whose founder, David Kirk, shared his insights on sustainable fashion. "Our mission at Calm Jungle World is to create fashionable pieces that not only look good but also contribute to a healthier planet. RVA Sustainable Fashion Week is an excellent platform to showcase the possibilities of eco-friendly fashion and inspire others to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle," said Kirk.

Daniel Lafever, who also played a crucial role in organizing Sustainable Fashion Week, spoke about his journey towards implementing sustainability in his life. "Sustainable Fashion Week has been a transformative experience for me. It's shown me the importance of being mindful of our choices and their impact on the environment. I've made a conscious effort to reduce waste in my daily life and support brands that prioritize sustainability," Lafever shared.

Another participant, Phillip, the owner of Hiraya Vintage, shared his perspective on what sustainability means to him. "For me, sustainability is about preserving our planet for future generations while celebrating the beauty and creativity of the past. At Hiraya Vintage, we are committed to promoting sustainable practices by offering unique vintage pieces that not only reduce waste but also help our customers express their individuality through timeless fashion," said Phillip.

The founder of PLV, another sustainable brand that took part in the event, also shared their thoughts on the importance of sustainable fashion. "At PLV, we believe that fashion can be both stylish and responsible. RVA Sustainable Fashion Week is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our commitment to sustainability and inspire others to make more conscious choices when it comes to their wardrobe. We're proud to be a part of this movement towards a more eco-friendly fashion industry," they said.

The idea for RVA Sustainable Fashion Weekend was sparked after Nzamba met the owner of Swap Across America. He initially envisioned hosting a swap event in Richmond, but eventually decided to create a bi-annual or annual event for the local community. According to Nzamba, Richmond is home to numerous sustainable artists, designers, and a large audience interested in sustainable fashion, making it an ideal location for the event.

In conversations with Nzamba, we could see the passion in his eyes, reflecting the enthusiasm shared by many in the Richmond community who have been involved in vintage and sustainable fashion reclaim for decades. This event was a long-awaited 

opportunity for these individuals to come together and celebrate their shared values.

The clothing swap, hosted by SwapMeet RVA, featured vendors selling a wide range of products, a DJ, and a seating area. The organizers, Cam and Deja Hadnot, are excited to spread awareness about sustainable fashion and hope to expand their involvement in RVA Sustainable Fashion Weekend next year.

VCU fashion design student Chloe Allen showcased six of her upcycled pieces at the event's fashion show. Allen's designs, which included repurposed thrift store finds and clothing she already owned, demonstrated how individuals can upcycle their own wardrobes.

The VCU student organization BLK in Fashion also participated in the weekend, helping with volunteers and ensuring the event ran smoothly. Nana Opoku-Manu, a VCU alum and co-founder of the organization, expressed her excitement for BLK in Fashion's involvement in the sustainable fashion movement. "It's great to be a part of a conversation as important as sustainability, especially since there aren't many sustainable fashion weekends happening. We hope that RVA Sustainable Fashion Week will show people the necessity of sustainability and introduce different ways to shop sustainably beyond just thrifting," she said.

With its successful debut, RVA Sustainable Fashion Week has set the stage for an annual event that not only showcases the talent and creativity of local artists and designers but also highlights the importance of sustainable fashion and its impact on the environment. The event has brought together a community of like-minded individuals passionate about making a difference and has inspired many to reconsider their fashion choices and adopt more eco-friendly practices.

As RVA Sustainable Fashion Week continues to grow and evolve, it has the potential to become a staple event in the Richmond community, on par with RVA Fashion Week. By fostering a greater understanding of the harmful effects of fast fashion on our climate and landfills, RVA Sustainable Fashion Week is paving the way for a more sustainable future in the world of fashion and beyond. The commitment and collaboration of individuals, brands, and organizations like PLV, Calm Jungle World, Hiraya Vintage, and BLK in Fashion have played an essential role in making this event a success, and it is only the beginning of the positive impact that the sustainable fashion movement can bring to the community and the environment.


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