Meet Tyzilla the next big thing to come out of the 757.


Tyzilla is a designer based out of Virginia in the 757 who has made a name for himself with his high-end streetwear brand, Infamous World. Tyzilla's journey in the fashion world started with a trip to Miami, where he was inspired to create his own brand that would embody the lavish lifestyle he saw all around him. He was especially fascinated by Rolls Royce's, and this fascination eventually led to the creation of his brand's logo.

Infamous World is a brand that celebrates the people who are known for being good or bad and have a certain aura around them. Ty's designs often feature the slogan "Richer than the Opps," which speaks to the idea that those who criticize or hate are not doing more than the person wearing the shirt. This message resonates with his target audience and has helped him build a loyal following.

One of the things that sets this up and coming disgner apart from other designers is his deep love for music. He counts Pusha T and Pharrell Williams as two of his biggest inspirations, and he was even mentored by them which got him to where he is today. This mentorship eventually led to a label A&R position with Pusha's label, Heirwave Music Group, which has only helped to further elevate his profile in the fashion world.

For Ty, Infamous World is more than just a fashion brand; it's a lifestyle. He wants his designs to inspire people to live life to the fullest and embrace their individuality. With its luxurious feel and bold, unapologetic message, Infamous World is a brand that is quickly gaining traction and making a name for itself in the world of streetwear.

In conclusion, Infamous World is a movement to watch in the coming years. With Ty's unique vision, dedication to quality, and passion for music, he is building a brand that will surely leave its mark on the fashion world. Whether you're a fan of high-end streetwear or just someone who appreciates good design, keep an eye on Infamous World, as they're sure to become one of the top brands in the world.

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