Nick Pinsel speaks up about bullying and suicide




Some of your favorite content creators may struggle with mental health issues behind the scenes. Influencers like Nick Pinsel are stepping up and speaking out about bullying and suicide during suicide prevention week.

Nick is an online content creator with nearly 1.5 million followers. He originally came to fame when he was in high school, during the early days of Vine and YouNow. After getting a following, he decided to up and move to LA, where he moved into a content house with some of the biggest creators at the time.

Nick is now using his platform to help prevent bullying and suicide. Earlier this month, was Suicide Prevention week. Nick spoke up on social media, saying:

“Suicide has affected me from friends and family dealing with depression and thinking that’s the right answer. Having there back through the whole process is amazing and I’m always here to help.”

Nick goes on to say how bullying affected him, and how it isn’t always easy doing something that isn’t necessarily traditional.

“Bullying has been around my life for awhile, I used to be made fun of for doing social media until I became a “influencer” a lot of bully’s envious that you’re able to do something unique. They don’t have what you have. NEVER let anyone bring you down. Just don’t mind them and don’t let it affect you. At the end of the day, it’s crucial to surround yourself around people that will lift you up and that will be your ride or dies. Bully’s are all a waste of time don’t think anything about it — your winning!”

Nick Pinsel also announced that early next year he will be teaming up with other creators from TCC Entertainment to move back into a content house in LA where he hopes to take his content and career to the next level.

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