"Meet the 20 Year Old Taking Over Social Media Marketing"

Eli Wright is the 20 year old CEO behind Shark Media— an international company that works with over 200 artists, actors,  athletes, and influencers. Shark Media has a total network of over 200 million, netting more social media reach then the super bowl, Disney, Netflix, and ESPN combined.

Shark Media connects brands, businesses, and labels with creators so they can market their products or songs to a direct target audience with a higher click through rate and ROI then traditional ads. 

Eli Wright started in the social media world from a young age, at 14 he started his first online business, “TNS” which connected high skilled gaming competitors and unique content creators together to grow their platforms and skills. Under TNS, he designed, manufactured, and released 3 unique lines of merchandise, all of which sold out on his self made e-commerce store in under 24 hours. Through this experience he began to learn about the cruciality of SEO and digital media marketing.

By 16, Eli had begun creating content himself. Under the alias “Snax” Eli currently sits at over 16 Million views across Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube. He has always had a love for content creation, claiming “It helps keep him in the loop on trends.”

Because of his experience in creating content and running TNS— Eli signed with lifestyle and clothing brand SGO, ran by Miami Nightlife guru, Kai Sutton. SGO eventually merged with an esports team known as “Apex.” Under the mentorship of Kai and co owner Aiden Howard, he truly began to understand social media algorithms and the power social media has. 

While under Apex, Eli enrolled at Arizona State University, where he joined the American Marketing Association and continued growing his knowledge of digital marketing. 

Shark Media launched in April of 2022 and from the start was a huge success— hitting 2 million views in just 10 days. Since then, Shark media has continued to thrive by partnering with Affluent Exchange, a company that has NEC’s with the entire FaZe roster, and even 100x Platinum Manager “Murphy.” 

When simply asked, “What is Shark Media?” Eli responded with— “Shark Media is a social media content and PR networking team. In addition to growing creators’ platforms, promoting their content on our page, and organizing brand deals from start to finish, we also provide the opportunity to grow their careers by connecting them with other creators!”


The benefits for all members include that of complimentary VIP to clubs across the country, exclusive yacht and exotic vehicle rentals, luxury housing for music videos, rentals, or sale. And access to a team of videographers, editors, and even nutritionist / personal trainers!


The future is bright for Eli Wright and Shark Media, he hopes to do $800,000 in brand deals by the end of the year and reach a total network of 400 million. 




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