MarkiedeeJr: Past, Present and Future

Past, Present and Future is a documentary about MarkiedeeJr, an R&B artist from Queens, NYC, and takes an authentic approach to showcasing who he really is and the remarkable talent he brings to the table. Through a well-curated and visually appealing presentation, the film seamlessly blends behind-the-scenes footage of his studio sessions, live performances, and personal interactions with friends, family, and supporters, all captured with an old-school VHS aesthetic.

MarkiedeeJr's musical journey started in the church, where he developed his passion for music and honed his musical skills by playing drums and bongos. Surrounded by a family of musicians, with a mother who was a singer and siblings and cousins who played various instruments, his deep-rooted love for R&B came from an early age. Influenced by his father's introduction to the genre, MarkieDeeJr's musical aspirations began to take shape.

A pivotal moment in MarkiedeeJr's life occurred when a basketball injury forced him to spend more time at home. During this period, he immersed himself in music, listening to artists like Roddy Ricch, whose sound became a significant inspiration for him. It was with an old High School Musical video game microphone and the GarageBand music creation software on his computer that MarkiedeeJr started his own musical journey, exploring his creativity and striving to make his own unique mark in the industry.

One of the most striking aspects of MarkiedeeJr's artistry is his refusal to compare himself to other artists. He crafts his melodies with precision and selects his beats carefully, resulting in a sound that defies comparison. Describing his style as a fusion of modern R&B with influences from the early 2000s, he creates a distinct musical experience that resonates deeply with listeners.

In addition to his unique sound, MarkiedeeJr places great emphasis on authentic branding that connects naturally with his audience. He prioritizes the organic growth of his fanbase and seeks to build a community around his music. The documentary showcases his gratitude for those who support him, emphasizing his commitment to reciprocate their love by acknowledging and appreciating them at his shows.

As the documentary unfolds, we learn that MarkiedeeJr's next project represents a significant milestone in his artistic journey. While his first two projects allowed him to find himself as an artist, he believes that he hasn't yet reached the desired sonic landscape he envisions. Excitement builds as he shares his upcoming concept EP, which he believes will be his best work to date. With this project paving the way, he eagerly anticipates releasing another full-length project later this year, demonstrating his growth as an artist and expressing himself in ways that truly showcase his undeniable talent.

This documentary has the rare ability to transform viewers into instant fans. MarkiedeeJr's authentic storytelling, complemented by the documentary's thoughtful editing and captivating visuals, draws us into his world. The film's intimate portrayal of his journey, along with his unwavering dedication to his craft, establishes him as an artist worth following closely. Through its well-crafted narrative, visually appealing presentation, and insightful interviews, it captures the essence of his artistry. With his unique sound, commitment to authenticity, and a forthcoming project that promises to elevate his craft, Markie DJr is an artist to look out for in 2023.

MarkeedeeJr's new single, "Don't Want You Back (DWYB)," is out now on all platforms!

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