Kwajo's "Spleck": A Musical Journey of Reflection and Growth

Imagine this, it’s a warm beautiful sunny evening and you’re relaxing on your deck. While your outside sitting and vibing, out of nowhere 3 random words pop out in your head. Those words are Rivera, Machicato, and finally….Spleck. What is Spleck? What does Spleck mean? This is a story that dates back to 2019 where this word changed the life of young up & coming artist Kwajo forever.

Kwajo is a 21-year-old hip-hop artist from Northern Virginia and has spent the last four years, honing his craft and developing his sound. Influenced by the likes of Amine and Saba, Kwajo blends introspective lyricism with captivating melodies. His musical background is rooted in the sounds of Paramore and 5 Seconds of Summer, which have helped shape his alternative musical style. Kwajo's goal as an artist is to spread God's word and the message of kindness, while being transparent about his own story and serving as a source of inspiration for those who resonate with his music. He strives to learn and grow as he creates, all while having fun and making great music.

Now let's talk about the word "Spleck". Back in 2019, after graduating high school, Kwajo and his friends had a unique habit of spontaneously creating phrases and words straight from their imagination. When Kwajo came up with the term "Spleck," it ignited an indescribable feeling within him like no other word has before.  Since then, "Spleck" has become Kwajo's persona mantra, his "hakuna matata", and associates it with anything positive in his life. Whether it be his girlfriend, friends, or family, "Spleck" encompasses anything that brings him joy and happiness.

Kwajo's new album, "Spleck," serves as a compelling testament to his personal growth and introspection. Dating back to the genesis of the pandemic, this project encompasses his mental and emotional experiences up until 2022. While life may not always appear beautiful, it is the lessons learned and the realizations gained through reflection that make up the beautiful disaster we call life. Through "Spleck," Kwajo invites listeners to embark on a transformative journey, guiding them through his own lessons and realizations. “Spleck” emphasizes that your mistakes do not define you as a person nor will it ever going forward.

Discover the transformative power of "Spleck", available now on all major streaming platforms. Dive into the journey of "Spleck" today and let Kwajo's powerful storytelling and infectious melodies resonate with you wherever you listen.


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