No one is coming close to Fnf Chop and Fe_lie The God


Fe_lie The God and Fnf chop are two of the biggest artists in Virginia, and their collaboration on the music video for "Yeah Yeah" already has 200,000 streams on all DSP's. This is a major event for the Virginia music scene, as these two artists have a massive following and their coming together is a moment for the state. Pair that with MyNameJerm on the visuals and TCC backing it for marketing and distrubution this song is out of here.

Fe_lie The God is known for his smooth, melodic flow and infectious bars, while Fnf chop brings a hard-hitting, energetic style to the table. Together, they create a dynamic and exciting sound that has earned them a dedicated fan base. Fe has taken a break from music as he has been focusing on his fitness journey, combined with Chop's virality from his recent social media antics. Such as, dropping a music video after sneaking out of jail and much more. Combining Fe's comeback and Chop's momentum this is bound to be a hit. 

The response to "Yeah Yeah" has been overwhelmingly positive, with fans raving about the track and the music video on social media. It's clear that these two artists have a bright future ahead of them. Their collaboration on this track is sure to be remembered as a highlight in the careers of both artists, and it's exciting to see what they'll do next. 

Check the full video here:


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