Eric Foster is crazy, but that's why he's so good at his job.




     If you haven't heard of Eric Foster, you've heard of him now. Eric is from Richmond, Virginia and a former Marine that recently moved to Los Angeles. In order to fully pursue his career of being a photographer/videographer. Shooting all sorts of random content such as, real estate aerials, construction aerials, music shows, music videos, and concerts. 

Starting off with music videos was fun for him but he knew it wasn’t something he wanted to do for long. His favorite music video that he shot was "Dog Jigga" with a Virginia artist known as “Fresh Porter” featuring Pooh Shiesty. A couple months later, Pooh ended up having his career explode into superstardom. Which ended up gaining Eric more credibility in the space. Around the same time, he ended up partnering with Ilias Anwar and TCC Entertainment to shoot concerts. This parlayed into creating some of his best works. Which included Meg The Stallion, MoneyBagg Yo, Polo G and many others in his portfolio.

According to Eric, it was quite entertaining working with the brand at first. This is because they had to sneak in and pray to not get caught when they were first coming up. However, the adrenaline rush made it ten times more enjoyable when they finally got on stage with the artist. Shortly after, he ended up documenting the majority of the protests from 2020 after the killing of George Floyd. That is when he realized his niche, was truly conflict photography. He started by putting together a few short videos and posted the pictures to his Instagram. A couple days later, he was receiving emails from producers from big television networks wanting to license some of the footage for their documentaries. One of which was a documentary that aired on PBS “The Neutral Ground” which documents the fight over confederate monuments around the United States.

Following up from that, Eric's aerial shots also made the front cover of a local magazine in Richmond, VA. Eric finally found what he wanted to do with his life in the media world. The adrenaline rush is what he always what he wanted to chase and that is what separated him from the competition. Not a-lot of people were as crazy as him to put themselves in harm to get the shot that someone needed. One of his major goals is to end up working with Vice News or any network that needs that type of footage. If you would like to know more about Eric make sure to follow him on all socials @thepreppyeric.



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