Embracing Questions with Two32

There's an artist I find fascinating named Two32 and his life is full of adventure and even more his biography is characterized by an intriguing collection of questions rather than a definitive set of answers. So when I asked him, "Do you know who you are? Or are you still figuring that out?" he replied, "Both." Turns out that every time he discovers something about himself, it leads to more questions. Surprisingly, this works in his favor, as it brings diversity and surprises to his art. This constant evolution as an artist keeps his listeners on their toes, always expecting something fresh and exciting. With a vibrant energy that comes alive in the nighttime, Two32's practices a non-attachment lifestyle inside and outside the studio and this practice allows him to explore new creative territories fearlessly. 

When the sun sets and the busy streets of New York City start to calm down, Two32 finds his inspiration. It's in the nighttime that his creative spirit truly comes alive. With a versatile approach to music, Two is always open to new ideas and enjoys experimenting with different styles. In fact, he's planning to dive into the genre of rock, bringing his own unique twist to its energetic sounds. But it's the dark beats that truly captivate him, and he has an instinct for making them as sexy as possible. Through his music, he creates an atmosphere that draws listeners in and leaves them craving more.

But creating music is not just a task for Two—it's a spiritual experience. When he steps behind the mic, he feels a deep connection with his inner self. It's as if he enters a state of flow, where time seems to stand still and the music comes out effortlessly through him. This connection to his spiritual side allows Two32 to seek answers to his deepest questions. By tapping into his inner knowing, he infuses his music with a sense of authenticity and introspection that resonates with his audience. Two says this is not a new experience for him because Two32 possesses the wisdom of an old soul, even at a young age. His love affair with music began early in life, as he made his first beat at the age of four. In that moment, he knew that music was his true calling that for him wasn’t a question, it was the only way. Ever since then he embraces his outspoken nature, fearlessly expressing himself through his art. Two32's magnetic charm and dedication to his craft draw others into his musical journey, leaving an indelible impact on those who have the pleasure of experiencing his talent.

Curiously, when asked about the relationship between music and questions, Two32 revealed an intriguing perspective to me. He shared that questions actually come before the music for him. It's through these thought-provoking and picking at his own mind that he finds inspiration and shapes his musical creations. Each question serves a purpose, igniting his creative fire and driving him to express himself deeper. This approach allows Two32 to infuse his music with a raw and personal touch, creating a deep connection with his listeners and every version of himself.

It was at this point (the end of the interview) my mind started spinning with questions…like why is his name Two32 and why did I forget to ask??? Im sure we’ll find the answers in his music. 

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